Optimism & Gratitude

Gratitude and self-confidence are the building blocks that make optimism possible!

There are two crucial ingredients to a positive attitude – gratitude and self-confidence. The more you enhance these personal qualities, the greater your optimism is likely to be.

This article will show the benefits of gratitude and self-confidence, and how we can use these traits to enjoy the benefits of a more optimistic life.

1. Gratitude makes us more approachable and likeable. An attitude of gratefulness is appreciated by those around us and draws people to us. It makes us more pleasant to be around!

2. Gratitude increases our on-the-job effectiveness. Managers and Bosses who don’t show appreciation for their employees are seen as less effective and rate less loyalty. Managers who encourage their staff with praise, recognition, and financial rewards hold on to their valuable workers and help increase overall production.

3. Gratitude keeps our emotions in balance and prevents negative thoughts from becoming overwhelming. One of the primary obstacles to gratitude is envy, that underlying fear that someone may have something that we don’t. Envy happens when we compare ourselves to someone else. When we begin such a comparison, we are far more likely to become less satisfied and optimistic with our own existence. Practicing gratitude is the best antidote to envy!

4. Gratitude makes us less self-centered. Pessimists tend to be more self-centered. Much of a pessimists thinking revolves about their fears, and how to protect themselves against the next disaster, which they are sure is lurking around the corner. Gratitude however, shifts our mental focus from ourselves to others!

5. Gratitude increases our self-esteem, which in turns makes us more optimistic. It’s the parts working as a whole. We are surrounded by "messages" that we aren’t enough every day. We need the right clothes, the appropriate job title, and the latest trendy car. We should look a certain, with thousands of "likes" on Social Media. Many of us aren’t even aware of how we may be influenced by these messages. This can be hard on a person’s self-esteem. Pessimists may frantically try to keep up, trying one self-improvement method after another, only to become depressed when faced with their own version of "failure". They strive for perfection, and that is the opposite of optimism. By developing self-esteem, optimists feel good about themselves, regardless of where they are in life. They are enough at any point in time. Of course, they can work for more material items, and usually do. But, their self-esteem is never dependent on material goods. It’s a feeling that optimists cultivate deep within themselves. They are grateful for what they have right now, and grateful for the possibility of having more of what they desire in the future!

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